I Left My Heart In San Francisco!
🖼️PHOTOS 2023
The fastest two days in Airtable HISTORY!
The lightning round sessions from any attendee who wanted to share!


Your Wish is My Command Line
Watch an Airtable export poll tricky use cases from the audience to workshop potential no-code and low-code solution
Have an Airtable workflow you've been trying to crack, but have hit a wall? Come to this "office hours"-type session and ask an expert how it might be accomplished in Airtable! Kamille will use her years of experience problem solving tricky cases with no-code and low-code implementations to give pointers on how to get the ball rolling, and what potential integrations you might consider. Live demos of solutions will be presented if time permits.
Everyone loves DareTable, from our speakers, to attendees, from reviews to social media posts!

DareTable 2023



Day one is all about Airtable and getting into the basics with best practices and taking your project from basics to selling your company based on Airtable!
    Learn more about new features and options for partners and customes!
    Meet sponsors, sign up for the unconference on day 2, visit the Airtable "Help Desk" & Wish Desk!
    Vote on your favorite apps, consultants and software that makes Airtable even more dynamic.

Lunch Options


Wednesday May 17, 2023

Lunch will be at 1:30pm - 2:30pm


Day two is all about going beyond Airtable. Airtable for use in place and ways unimaginable. Day two is where the inspiration meets the effort.
  • A.I. and More A.I
    From building Gods with AI, to using AI with Make, to hands on AI sessions, day two is about the next level of Airtable!
  • Unconference
    Share your latest passion project with everyone. You get 10 minutes in the spot light to show off your current cool things, crowdsource help or answers and more! DareTable is different because we allow YOU to be the STAR!
  • Awards & The Future
    Day two ends with the DareTable awards, special announcements about DareTable and a Magical Keynote by Kamille Parks.

Thursday, May 18, 2023

Lunch will be at 1:30pm - 2:30pm
🍍 Welcome to DareTable 2023!


This is my third year hosting DareTable since it was founded at the start of the pandemic in 2020.
Our first event was virtual, and I was surprised that we had over 1000 people sign up to attend within a week.
After nearly two years of doing videos with Ben Green at OptimizeIS and helping to grow our Facebook Airtable support community to nearly 7000 people, I asked Ben to join me for our first in-person event in Austin, Texas in 2022.
It was no small feat finding a space, and building an Airtable to manage speakers, sponsors, attendees, and more, but we did it!
For 2023, I knew we had to do something special! So I set to work to taking our event to San Francisco and Airtable Headquarters.
It also was no small feat!
Thank you to Airtable for your support of our community and for hosting us in your space!
For 2023, we were joined by two amazing GOLD sponsors who stepped up to the plate to support us! Make and Stacker!
Additionally, we have a lot of sponsor partners that made the event extra special.

But why DareTable?

While most of the world who Google’s “Most Connected” knows me for my decade-long journey of using technology to make my life better, it’s always been my desire to help others use tools to make the world better.
From 1995-2015 I was a part of many software communities and watched an explosion of growth in how communities and events grew and shaped each other.
This meant when it came time to be a part of another; it was critical to lay the foundation for how I would want to encourage people to interact, create and support each other.
DareTable is my wish for a world that is more connected, intimate, and compassionate via data and tools.
Thank you for coming,

DareTable 2023



1 Conference agenda: We have two days of content featuring four keynotes, over ten sessions, Airtable HQ tours, lunches, an unconference and the DareTable 2023 awards!
2 Venue details: The conference will be at Airtable HQ, 799 Market Street, 8th Floor, San Francisco, CA 94103.
3 Check-in and registration information: You will check in at the main entrance. Between 9:30am and 10:15am, BOTH days. You will see a big DARETABLE banner! Your name will be on a base and you will be given a badge. If you wish to go on the 15 minute tour during lunch day one or day two, you will have to sign an NDA at checkin! Tours begin at 2pm both days.
4 Conference app or website: All the information is on the conference site for the agenda, speakers, sponsors and special events, like the awards, wish desk and unconference. If you took time to register I our portal, you can also see the conference app at this link.
5 COVID-19 protocols: All the rooms have HEPA filters. You are encouraged to wear a mask for the sake of vulnerable people. There will also be a system for your name badge and you can check off what type of physical distance you are comfortable with. Finally, we will have rapid tests, masks and other safety supplies, please just ask an organizer.
6 Dress code: The conference is casual attire! Jeans, shorts are both ok!
7 Meal and dietary information: Lunch is both days at 1:30 and we have catering that features a variety of options. See the conference site or app for more info!
8 Networking opportunities: During lunch, at checkin and afterward you are encouraged to network with other attendees, sponsors or any members of the Airtable Staff!
9 Social media: If you wish to use social media, be our guest. Remember that you are in Airtable HQ so please do NOT take photos outside of the conference floor! If you want to hashtag, use #daretable
10 Weather forecast and local attractions: The weather is expected to be between the low 50s and the low 70s both days. It’s always smart to wear a lite jacket and carry a portable umbrella!
11 Special Content: Remember that during lunch we have our live Airtable help desk that will have Airtable to answer your questions. You can submit and vote for your favorite apps, consultants and more at our awards page, do you have something special you want from Airtable? Make a wish on our wish page! Finally during our second day we have a unconference in the afternoon where ANYONE can submit and share share their project, crowdsource for help or let us know how the community can help you! You can sign up for the unconference here!
12 Emergency contact information: Please call 720-936-9192 if you have any questions or the help form.
Thank you,Chris
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