DareTable 2024

The Year of Airtable AI
Education, Community, Tools and You
  • October 25 - 26, 2024
  • Civic Hall Midtown Manhattan - 124 E 14th St, New York, NY 10003
Elevate Your Airtable Game at DareTable 2024: Where Innovation Meets Collaboration!
Join the global Airtable community for DareTable's fourth year — the premier event for Airtable enthusiasts of all skill levels, from the curious newcomer to the seasoned no-code developer.
What's New in 2024?
  • Enterprise Mastery: Dive into our brand-new track on Enterprise Administration and Deployment. Master the art of scaling your Airtable solutions across your organization with efficiency and ease.
  • AI Revolution: Learn how integrating AI with Airtable can transform your workflows, saving you time and resources while empowering you to create cutting-edge apps in moments.
  • Secondary Education Track: This year, we have an exciting partnership to start your Airtable official certification, more infomration coming August 1, 2024.
Whether it's your first encounter with Airtable or you're crafting advanced Interfaces, DareTable offers a rich tapestry of sessions across four dynamic tracks designed to elevate your skills, inspire your creativity, and connect you with fellow innovators.
Embrace the opportunity to revolutionize how you work, create, and collaborate. Dare to dream, dare to innovate, dare to join us at DareTable 2024!
July 1, 2024- Only 100 Tickets Left.
"Because Airtable without a story is spreadsheet"

🗓 Friday & Saturday -October 25-26, 2024


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⭐️DareTable 2024 Event

Join us in New York City for an unforgettable event full of insights, innovation, and networking. Day one full of sessions and a once in a never before offered educational opportunity. Day two options networking event.

🗺️ Civic Hall @ Union Square

124 E 14th St, New York, NY 10003

Welcome to Civic Hall is a cutting-edge venue that supports your boldest ambitions, from building a startup to hosting world-class gatherings. In the heart of midtown NYC with sweeping views of NYC, an eatery mall and outdoor seating. DareTables most exclusive venue yet!

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📢 Announcements

New programs, speakers, options to attend and more!


This year we are back for year four with our biggest and most exclusive event yet. Tickets are limited to 300 attendees and we have, one and half days, meals, sessions on Enterprise / Business, Consulting Best Practices, Cultural Adoption and AI, AI, AI, AI....and did we say AI??? 🤯 PLUS, this year's event is NYC!!


Doesn't matter if it's your first no-code project or a season veteran. Our speakers, sponsors, and community will take your education to the next level!


Airtable has communities all over the web, from their official site to the shadows of slack. Come meet no-code peers and partners from all over the web in person!


While we focus on Airtable and its partners, other no-code tools and their best practices will be featured, everything from Miro to Stripe!


Are you trying to create the next big thing? Have a challenge in your organization, community, or life? Find your next passion project at our event! See our previous speakers and event now!


No-code is a big tent, and we love Airtable. Yet our event is for everyone. We specifically are focusing on new users, communities, and enterprises that need specific help from a community of amazing makers.

This conference will focus on creating experiences for Airtable novices and experts alike by bringing you hacks, cracks, and tricks that you won't' find anywhere else.

📜 DareTable 2024:

The World's Biggest Airtable Event Awaits!


2020 - VIRTUAL

From its inception as a virtual gathering in 2020, DareTable, spearheaded by the visionary Chris Dancy, has evolved into the most electrifying, in-person Airtable user conference on the globe.


In 2021, joining forces with Ben Green, the duo elevated the Airtable community experience through their captivating YouTube series, "Off The Record, Airtable Secrets and Lore," commanding the largest online congregation of Airtable aficionados.


By 2022, the magic of DareTable materialized in Austin, Texas, receiving its first official nod and sponsorship from Airtable, alongside a mosaic of tool vendors and consultants. The event was a convergence of over 100 passionate souls, featuring an exclusive dinner with Airtable, and enveloping attendees in two days of immersive education and community spirit.


The 2023 chapter unfolded at the heart of Airtable innovation—its San Francisco HQ—drawing hundreds from across the globe for an unparalleled deep dive into Airtable’s ecosystem. With titans like Make.com and Stackr unveiling their tools through hands-on workshops, the conference was nothing short of a masterclass in leveraging Airtable to its maximum potential.


DareTable 2024: New York, NY

With our online community burgeoning to nearly 12,000 members, we're setting the stage in New York City for the most monumental DareTable yet! Prepare for a mesmerizing ensemble of speakers, all meticulously selected and compensated, to ignite your passion and knowledge for Airtable. Our incredible sponsors are back, ready to connect with the community through unparalleled access both online and in person.
This year, we're pushing the boundaries with even more keynotes, breakouts, and the introduction of pioneering tracks focused on enterprise deployment and the transformative power of AI. Discover how to harness Airtable and AI to revolutionize your career, enterprise, and daily life.
A Networking Luncheon Like No Other
But wait, there’s more! Day two promises an exclusive luncheon dedicated to networking, designed to catapult your Airtable skills, consultancy prowess, or enterprise deployment to new heights. It's not just an event; it's a golden opportunity to weave lasting connections with the crème de la crème of the Airtable community.
Why Attend DareTable 2024?
DareTable is more than a conference; it's a beacon for innovation, a crucible for skills enhancement, and a launchpad for professional growth. Here’s what’s in store for you:
  • Unmatched Insight: Learn from the trailblazers and pioneers who have shaped the Airtable universe.
  • Community and Connections: Immerse yourself in an exclusive community of Airtable users, from beginners to pros, all under one roof.
  • Revolutionary Tools: Get hands-on with the latest Airtable features and integrations, and see how AI is setting the new standard for productivity and creativity.
  • Growth Opportunities: Whether you’re scaling an enterprise or kickstarting your consultancy, discover pathways to success among peers and experts.
DareTable 2024 in NYC isn’t just an event; it's the gateway to what’s next in the world of Airtable and beyond. Ready to leap into the future of collaboration, innovation, and success? Join us at DareTable – where your Airtable journey takes flight!


Chris Dancy is known as the “World’s most connected Person He has spent 30 years in Enterprise IT in leadership roles at companies like ServiceNow and has consulted for Google, Microsoft and Salesforce.


Ben Green is the founder of Optimize IS and lead at DareTable. Optimize IS is a consultancy organization bringing Airtable enterprise consulting to mid-size companies.



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